Top 5 Property Manager in Bell Report

Soest, 31.08.2023 – For the first time in our company’s history, we are listed among the top 5 property managers in the competence ranking of the Property Management Report by Bell Management Consultants (BMC). Our score of 1,246 points exceeds the score of the runner-up among the market leaders with more than 20 million annual sales. BMC puts it succinctly, “The property managers with the most satisfied customers, are not the ones with the highest revenues.”

Of all the companies listed, we are by far the youngest brand. We do not benefit from a strong umbrella/corporate brand, nor do we benefit from brand recognition that has been in place for many years. We launched the Valon brand less than two years ago with the aim of being the most progressive real estate company in the German real estate market. In this respect, we do not benefit from the so-called “halo effect”, which would presumably make the results appear even more positive with stronger brand awareness.

And yet: Despite our young brand, we are represented in an illustrious round because we were able to convince through our absolute commitment to our customers and the quality of our highly specialized services. And we will continue to develop dynamically and continuously and will not rest until we are listed in the first place in all reports.

Many thanks to our customers for the positive evaluation. We still have a lot of things to do together! You can count on us!