Our Advanced Investment Management -
smart investment strategies

With our advanced investment management, we develop smart purchase and exit strategies along the customer-specific purchase profiles and take over the complete underwriting. To this end, we are networked throughout Germany and act flexibly in identifying potential target investments. We register market movements promptly and react with a comprehensive market analysis. As part of the transaction process, we also include extensive due diligence. Together with cash flow modelling, we develop a decision-making basis for different purchase and financing scenarios.

In this way, we examine investment properties along the relevant selection criteria and develop an individual investment strategy for each property.

In addition, we assist in securing the financing, accompany the constant exchange with the financing institutions and take on the tasks of issuing the financing confirmation.

Our Core Compentencies in Investment Management

We know the German real estate market. There is almost no district where we are not active with at least one of our services. In this respect, our network is enormous. Ir enables us to analyse the relevant real estate market throughout Germany. We can also access detailed property management information enabling off-market deals. Possible real estate investments can be evaluated from various points of view on the basis of numerous comparables, taking into account the purchase profile communicated to us.  We can rely on a wide range of internal services both in the preparation of the purchase decision and in the handling of the transaction process. In addition, we have a robust network of external service providers as preffered partners to work out technical and commercial challenges that are important in the further transaction process.

Advanced Real Estate Management

Intelligent organizational structure Investment Management

Our investment management is located together with our asset management in Cologne, but is active throughout Germany. Changes in demand or supply can thus be directly taken into account in the market analyses. For all further steps, Investment Management and Asset Management are in constant exchange with Construction Project Management and the central Commercial Property Management as well as the nationwide organised Technical Property Management.

The internal processes enable smooth communication on interdisciplinary concerns and questions. Enquiries reach the right contact person directly and, if necessary, are passed on from there to the right departments. Interfaces are thus optimised and repetitions are avoided to increase efficiency.

Digital Transactions

Digitalisation is also of great importance in investment management. We have a digital transaction database. All projects submitted to us are digitised and tracked. This enables us to check new projects for prior knowledge at any time and to provide comparables to comparable transactions.

On the other hand we also work fully digitally in managing the transaction process. All due diligence workstreams are bundled and made available in transaction data rooms. 

Digital workflows are also set up to avoid delays in the due diligence process and to monitor them transparently. 

Exceptional Personalities

The individual personalities are decisive for the really good deals. Our investment managers have first-class networks and often learn about investment opportunities before they are placed on the market. The basis for this is a trusting and long-standing cooperation with the respective market participants. Especially in investment management, integrity is our top priority.

Furthermore, we need to have a good instinct for good deals. In the acquisition process, we demonstrate a high level of commitment. This is the only way to secure the appropriate exclusivity at an early stage.

Our credo: Before you look at potential investment opportunities, you should definitely get to know the personalities behind them. An investment process ties up a lot of capital. Therefore, you should critically question whether these personalities are capable of managing a complex investment process. This applies to both professional and charismatic criteria. After all, it is often the emotional aspects that are decisive for landing a good deal. Get to know us, we are looking forward to a mutual exchange!