Advanced Property Management

In the area of property management, we manage retail, office, logistics and residential real estates nationwide from Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Soest (near Dortmund).

We are characterized by a strong focus on technical real estate management and construction project management with our own architects. In the area of investment, we accompany investors and sellers in all phases of the transaction process and can draw on our international network. We also take care of the certification of your real estate portfolio (GRESB).

Above all, we see ourselves as your proactive partner, specifically geared to your needs and passionate about your real estate!

Due to our many years of experience, we know the potential challenges in property management. Therefore, we also know that only a high-quality and proactive property management sustainably increases the value of your real estate. That’s why we work with you to develop a solution strategy for commercial and technical property management that is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. We call our approach to qualitative and customer-oriented property management “Property Management 2.0“.

What distinguishes our Advanced Property Management?

Partner model and customer teams

Serving different investors and asset managers is a major challenge in property management. Thus, your specific working methods and requirements must be taken into account individually in the sense of customer-oriented property management. For us, it is a matter of course that we serve you with a high, uniform quality standard tailored to your needs.

A decentralized structure makes it difficult to deliver this kind of customer-focused quality promise when managing your nationwide real estate.

That’s why we centralize as many functions as possible and still (or precisely because of this) assure you of the highest quality in the management of your real estate on site.

The central customer teams formed in this way do not have to adapt to many different clients, but know your requirements and processes in property management very well. You always get an exclusive partner from us in the management of your properties, even if they are distributed nationwide. Our property managers treat your properties as their own and are your extended arm in the management of your portfolio.

In this respect, our credo is that the closest possible proximity to people on the customer side and the resulting individual requirements are more important to us than regional proximity to the properties – even if this means significantly higher travel costs to the properties.

Organizational structure

The formation of customer teams in property management creates clear competence regulations without matrix structures and without overarching key accounts, which usually have a lesser connection to operational property management.

Our customer teams always consist of Property Accounting, Commercial Property Management and Technical Property Management. The accountants and commercial property managers are centrally located in Soest. We consider the possibility of a quick exchange between accounting and commercial property management to be an essential success factor, be it in the clarification of accounts, the clarification of open items, service charge statements or also in reporting.

Depending on the asset class of your real estate, especially in the case of retail or logistics properties, our approach is to also locate Technical Property Management as centrally as possible in Soest together with Commercial Property Management and Property Accounting. For office or management-intensive properties, our technical property managers are also located in Cologne, Berlin and Munich.

Specialization of technical property management

We are convinced that technical property management cannot effectively manage facility management, responsibility for expert inspections and, in addition, project management of complex tenant improvements and refurbishment measures at the same time. Rather, each of these three areas of responsibility in technical property management requires specific competencies and skills. In this respect, we form specialized sub-departments for each of the above-mentioned fields of activity and offer a high degree of specialization in technical property management. We distinguish between the Technical Property Management department, the Inspections and Maintenance department and the Construction Project Management department.
Our Construction Project Management is made up of specialized architects and engineers and manages all major capex and TI measures. The team surveys and evaluates existing structures, develops possible concepts and implements them in close cooperation with planners, local authorities, property owners and tenants.

Effective control of facility management and focus on operator responsibility

High-quality property management also ensures a high level of tenant satisfaction, above all, when it ensures high-quality facility management on site, thus guaranteeing the operational running of your properties in the best possible way.

Proper and punctual billing of ancillary costs, for example, is a basic prerequisite in property management. In our opinion, however, tenant satisfaction is much more determined by, for example, the maintenance of the outdoor facilities or the speed of response to disruptions in ongoing operations. In this respect, the facility manager is in daily contact with the tenant and the core task of property management must be to control and optimize this daily contact.

How do we ensure such effective control of facility management (FM)?

  • Central recording and monitoring of inspection and maintenance obligations
  • Regular quality controls and object inspections
  • Fast decision paths
  • Regular FM jour fix (partly also with tenants)
  • Concentration on medium-sized FM service providers with high vertical integration
  • Separation of technical building management and infrastructure management
  • Facility Management
  • Standardized tenders using Orca AVA

Intelligent and integrated software systems

For all the services we offer, we always use state-of-the-art technologies for commercial and technical property management. Even complex reporting requirements can be mapped flexibly and individually. Digital workflows are a matter of course for us, as is the complete digitization of all documents in our document management system. We can also integrate you directly into various workflows, such as the invoice approval workflow. At the same time, we are not afraid to give you access to our document management system. This way, you are always able to view invoices or important documents transparently and whenever you want.

At the same time, our software infrastructure also enables flexible integration into your systems. Among others, we offer interfaces to DATEV, Yardi, SAP, or even Immopac.

Tenders in facility management or construction project management can be carried out fully digitally and transparently via the ORCA-AVA software.

Commitment and consistency

Despite all the digitalization, the individual employee is still crucial for successful property management. This is where staff consistency and the commitment of our employees play a major role. We are very proud that many of our property management employees have been with us and working for you for more than ten years.

Furthermore, we also continue our education, subject-specific but also in terms of general competencies and skills.

Transparent quarterly target communication as well as semi-annual 360° employee surveys, form a further framework for our commitment to the management of your real estate.

Property Management "plus" - a package of additional services tailored to your requirements

In the case of complex tenant improvements or refurbishment measures, our in-house architects and engineers lead the project management – highly specialized and detached from the technical property management. We assess and evaluate existing building structures. From the resulting findings, we develop possible concepts and implement them in close cooperation with planners, local authorities, tenants and you. As property managers, we are also authorized to submit building permits and can therefore also submit building applications ourselves without any problems.

You can find our services in construction project management here.

In addition, our property management offers active letting management. Our letting managers take over letting control, both for new leases and for lease extensions. We either handle the marketing ourselves or manage the new leases with the help of our nationwide network of brokers – just as you wish and as is best for your property.

Our investment service will be pleased to support you in all phases of the transaction process. Together with you, we develop the appropriate strategy – holistically or selectively across the entire value chain at portfolio and individual level.

Our goal is always to conduct a discreet, audit-proof and professional transaction that leads to the best possible result for you.