Our Advanced Asset Management -
Value enhancement of your Real Estate

With our advanced asset management, we generate and manage properties of different asset classes. The focus is on the sustainable enhancement in value of the real estate portfolio.

To achieve this, our asset management combines the optimisation of letting management for a long-term profitable tenant structure, the securing and optimisation of financing and the management of a holistic sustainable business plan taking sustainability criteria into account. Compliance also plays a central role for us.

As asset manager, we are responsible for the positioning of your real estate on behalf of the owners. For this, we can rely on the market and competitor analysis of our experienced letting team. At the same time, we ensure compliance with the financing covenants and insurance cover. We also take care of the procurement of follow-up financing.

What do we mean with Advanced Asset Management?

Our Core Compentencies in Asset Management

Our asset management is aware of its economic responsibility with regard to the funds entrusted to it. With our professional competence and many years of experience, we offer a solid basis for fulfilling this responsibility. Furthermore, the close interaction with our specialised teams from the areas of investment management, letting management, property management and construction project management provide an optimal basis for sustainably successful decisions. 

For example, we draw on in-house market and competitor analyses. The transfer of properties newly acquired by Investment Management to Asset Management is also closely interlinked, both organisationally and procedurally. Asset Management uses the same tools as Investment Management and continues them. This ensures that deviations from the initial investment assumptions are detected as early as possible during ongoing monitoring. Within the framework of the business plan update, control measures can then be initiated and evaluated as quickly as possible. The in-house Construction Project Management provides reliable cost calculations and information on the identification and implementation of sustainability goals.

Advanced Real Estate Management

Intelligent organizational structure Asset Management

The formation of client teams creates clear competence regulations in asset management without matrix structures and especially without conflicts of interest with other clients.

This means that internal responsibilities are effectively defined from the outset and all processes are geared towards you as our client. Successful asset management is based on as much in-depth property and market information as possible. In this respect, our asset management is closely interlinked in terms of organisation and processes with commercial property management, accounting, technical property management, letting and construction project management.

Commercial processes are mainly concentrated in Soest. This greatly facilitates the rapid exchange of commercial information on asset management and is thus also a success factor with regard to consistent reporting.

The smooth connection of the respective teams saves additional process steps and thus enables even more intensive management of the real estate portfolios.

We meet further challenges in management-intensive properties with high maintenance requirements by mirroring our customer-oriented asset management structure in our construction project management. This results in short paths with a high focus on our customers and the entrusted properties.


The core task in asset management is to make the right decisions as the owner’s representative in order to sustainably secure and increase the value of the respective property.

The respective decision is not taken in isolation, but rather in a holistic context. For example, decisions to implement certain technical upgrading measures in a rental space have implications for the future tenant mix of the property and thus also for the achievable rent. However, this decision cannot be made independently of the market environment. Equally important is the consideration of the effects on the achievable sales price of the property. Furthermore, this decision is not possible without analysing the existing structures in the building, e.g. with regard to the effects on the operating and ancillary costs.

In short: All information from all different disciplines concerning the respective property must be bundled and made available to the asset management. Optimal decisions can only be made if all relevant information becomes available.

In order to enable such networking of data, we use state-of-the-art digital systems. Complex streams of information can be turned into intuitive reports.

Asset management can also access the digital document and workflow management system used in property management.

Our reporting can also be flexibly tailored to your needs. Integration and linking with your systems is also a matter of course.

Exceptional commitment

Despite all the digital systems, the individual employee remains decisive for successful asset management. Staff consistency, commitment and dedication are the decisive factors here. We are also very proud of our experienced employees in asset management.

We provide them with further training in specific areas, but also in terms of general competencies and skills.

We also achieve the highest level of commitment through the implementation of KPIs. As part of our management system, mandate-related quality targets are quantified and cascaded. Targets are reconciled on a quarterly basis. The variable salary component is linked to the achievement of these targets.